-Emission Diagnostics

With today's emission laws a vehicle needs to be working at peak performance or it will negatively affect the environment. A failed inspection could result in a registration denial or prevent you from getting you tags at DMV. Let us help you to do your part in keeping our earth cleaner. 


Oil Endurance Program (OEP) "patent pending"

15K/ 1year oil service.  By inplementing this oil service you will make the first step in decreasing the carbon footprint in our atmosphere by a large margin! 



-Electrical/Fuel Management troubleshooting

Has your vehicle developed a weird gremlin?Has your vehicle visited several garages and the problem persists?.

With state of the art diagnostic equipment combined wih a logic strategic approach to pinpoint the problem we can get to the root of the problem.


-General Maintenance

From a simple oil change to a precise timing belt replacement or anything in between and beyond, we do it all at affordable prices.


-Custom Performance

Whether you want a turbocharged 4 cylinder for the streets or drift, or want that mid-engined exotic to have more straight line power and cornering ability, or you are simply looking for that choppy sound and the brutal power of an American V8 torque monster, or maybe you want to sing along the Japanese lullaby produced by a rotary engine. Need a custom part? No problem, we will turn your idea into a reality.


-Used vehicle pre-purchase inspection

Get a second opinion other than the dealer's before you purchase that "Certified Pre-Owned" or used vehicle?
With today's economy we have to shop wisely! 


We are a Liqui Moly Service Center!